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Project Help Nevada's WINGS...Lessons for Life & Living component is an exciting new prevention program aimed at youth ages 9 to 20 years of age. Youth from all cultures, of any race, ethnic origin, or socioeconomic status are welcome to join as we know that drug use, gang activity, criminal behavior or simply the struggle to navigate the murky waters into adulthood knows no bounds.  

The goal for WINGS...Lessons for Life & Living is to deliver youth leadership workshops, assessment and individual prevention services to the target population. This prevention component is not a treatment based curriculum, but rather a pro-social alternative activity to substance use; these individual or camp like group experiences for youth can be tailored for specific needs, age groups and demographics and teaches leadership skills, character and integrity development, empowerment, problem solving, decision making, interpersonal skills and more to address and resolve adolescent health, social and mental health challenges and issues.  Learn More

Zac Bags

Zac Bags is a long time outreach project of Project Help Nevada and was created to honor one of our communities silent heroes. Zac was a young man who tragically lost his life at the age of 20 years old to a vehicle accident. Zac had a beautiful giving heart and a passion for helping those less fortunate. We would often hear of him cashing his paycheck on a Friday and purchasing sandwiches or hygiene and taking them to the homeless population along the river in our community. We are honored to carry on Zac's work. 

At Project Help Nevada we collect completed Zac Bags or even items to go into Zac Bags and make them available to our community through the Karma Box in front of our offices on the Reno Riverwalk. This is a really easy and affordable way to make a difference in our community. We invite you to join us in carrying on the tradition Zac started. 


At Project Help Nevada, our nationally certified Customized Employment Specialists work to ensure each individual in need of employment is provided an opportunity to pursue their dreams. 

Our team guides individuals in identifying what they are good at, what interests them and how to create a career from those interests and skills. Depending on each persons specific circumstances and needs, they are provided an opportunity to develop a resume or master job application, practice interview skills, apply for jobs, have access to a job coach and support as they seek to find employment.

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Youth Impact

Learn more about the work we do for youth at Project Help Nevada and meet Brady.  Click Here

Women of Worth

The Women of Worth (WOW) project provides life management and recovery skills to women in early recovery from an addictive disorder, struggling to re-enter society after a term of incarceration, homelessness, and women who are seeking to leave the sex industry. The 12-week course strives to empower our women to gain vital life skill strategies, supports and networking to help build self-esteem, personal and social community connections, as well as financial empowerment. Our goal is to provide support services to return our women to their families, children, and the community as fully functioning, self-sufficient, clean and sober Women of Worth.

WOW incorporates each of the 12-steps and its associated spiritual principle. In addition, nationally trained group facilitators provide a specific life skill with each group session to assist learners to move forward in their lives. The highly effective curriculum was developed with the input of women involved in 12-step recovery programs in Northern Nevada, a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist. Program participants receive the benefit of women with multiple years of recovery, a referral service for specific issues that are
outside our scope of practice, learning in a group setting as well as transitional referrals and support
before, during and after completion of the course.

Don't TELL me what I need, ASK me what I need."

The powerful statement above came to us from one of the homeless youth living on the streets right here in our community. It prompted up to partner with a former homeless young adult, Susan, to create the StreetSpeak project.    

As we began to listen more than we spoke we learned of some of the concerns and struggles these youngsters face on a daily basis. Each day, they ask themselves, "What am I going to eat today?" and "How am I going to stay safe?" Staying safe means teaming up with other young people who are also homeless. In these desperate situations, they create their own family of sorts, their own tribe. Too often, they watch one another's back only if it serves them. Without positive intervention, or awareness of consequences, behavior often spirals out of control and a life of drug abuse or criminal activity are typically the outcome for our communities homeless youth.  Learn More